Many people would think that cutting trees could be a bad thing as it could destroy the environment and the habitat of many animals in the forests and countryside. There are many reasons why people cut the trees or burn them. Some would think about this one as their major source of living like selling the lumbers and plywood. The cut trees because they need to plant new kinds of trees and plants in that area. Others are doing it so that they could get the animals especially those wild ones and they can’t be sold to the market.

There are many people that would do some stump removal Colorado Springs as it could help them to earn more money. There are a lot of ways to preserve and make it as your way of living to have more income. If you can see some part of the tree that was a stump. You can actually do a lot of things to make this one as a good source of creativity. You may come across here some of the informative ways of stump preservation so that you can make use of it at your home or to sell it to others to earn money.

1. If you found a part of the tree or we called stump. You may bring it at home first and then clean it with a clean cloth. You have to try to remove the dirt that is sticking there that may include the small debris of the dust and sand. Make sure that you are using the cloth which was soaked in water. Don’t use dry clothes or cloth as it could remove some good parts of the stump.

2. Using your hands, you need to remove the excess debris on the top of it and the sides of the stump. Remove the obvious flakes that keep on peeling off. Don’t exert too much force in removing the flakes. Do it gently and carefully.

3. Using a tool or equipment like a chisel. Try to remove the dead part of the stump. You don’t need them.

4. The next step to polish them down is to do the process of sanding. You can use a machine to make the surface even smoother. Doing it manually could take a lot of time so you better borrow a machine to your neighbor that could make this work faster.

5. After using the machine, you can now manual use the sandpaper to polish again the area and make it even smoother. This will give you a good feeling and look.

6. Use a piece of nice fabric in wiping the surface. Make sure that you would not use a dry piece of towel or cloth. Make it a little wet.

7. If you could see some damage or cracks around the stump. You can find a way to fill in this. You just need a wood filler. Make sure to wear gloves in order not to touch it with your skin. Let it dry for one night.